Medical Waste Management

Dynamic Enviro Clean

We are a waste management enterprise with over two decades of experience in the field of hygiene and environmental care. Our operations strictly adhere to all relevant health, safety and environmental regulations. This is done to ensure the well-being of our personnel, clients and the general public. As authorized medical waste transporters, we exclusively employ SABS approved containers within our specialized field. Our core focus revolves around the secure and responsible transportation and disposal of biomedical and hazardous waste materials.

We take care of hazardous waste, and you, our customer take care of day to day recycling. Recycling waste materials provides a real opportunity to put less waste in landfills, but we need YOUR participation to recycle! Find out by your local town council how you can participate in recycling.


Our Environment

DYNAMIC ENVIRO CLEAN is committed to safeguarding our environment for the benefit of future generations. It is imperative that we preserve the world we inhabit. We have to consider the needs of those who will follow in our footsteps long after we have departed.

Trained Staff

Our personnel undergo comprehensive training and meet the required medical standards to ensure their competence. In accordance with legal regulations, they receive periodic medical examinations and are provided with essential vaccinations as mandated.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to environmental preservation. We consequently assume the responsibility of waste disposal in a manner that aligns with environmentally sustainable practices. Our commitment entails a relentless pursuit of improvement in all facets.

Proudly South African

DYNAMIC ENVIRO CLEAN, a company rooted in South Africa. We take great pride in its mission to eradicate hazardous waste from the country. Our profound regard for the environment drives us to exert significant efforts in upholding a clean and healthy environment.

  • GWIS Registration No (DACE): GPT-00-113
  • Authorised (Licensed) Medical Waste Transporters
  • Member: Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa
  • Auth No: Gaut002/10-11/HCRW/0022 Authorised By GDARD 

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