Our Products

All our products are SABS approved and of the best quality. Easy to use for your convenience. You have tried the rest now try the best!!


Sharps Containers And Lock Lids

  • Storage of needles, syringes, blades, clinical glass etc.

  • Volumes: 1.5Lt, 2.5Lt, 5Lt, 8Lt, 10Lt and 25Lt

Specimen Containers

  • Storage of Pathological waste, body parts, human tissues, blood infections, etc.

  • Volumes: 2.5Lt, 5Lt, 10Lt and 25Lt

Cytotoxic Containers

  • Storage of medical, oncology, liquid and solid waste.

  • Volumes: 1.5Lt, 2.5Lt, 5Lt, 8Lt, 10Lt and 25Lt


  • Bio-Hazardous tubes & end caps, Bio-Hazardous Tape.

  • Volumes: 50Lt and 142Lt box sets

Red Bags, etc.

  • Red Bags (liners).

  • Volumes: Various sizes and thickness (microns)

Sputum Mugs

  • Sputum Mugs.

  • Volumes: 250ml and 500ml

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